Nezen Creation Helps Our Clients

We Build Custom Software to Precisely Match Business Needs

Nezen Creation specializes in custom website programming.  We consult with our customers to build custom web applications designed to precisely match their business needs and processes.

Nezen Creation Works Primarily With Two Types of Clients

We Build Software

The shift towards web-based applications has blurred the semantic boundaries between a website and a software solution. Our primary business focus in on creating custom web-based software to solve complex business problems.

Current Projects

Due to non-disclosure agreements, we can't tell you everything we're up to. But here are a couple projects we are allowed to talk about:

Our Programming Languages

Back-end web programming
We build most of our software using the PHP programming language. Modern web applications are typically best built using a programming framework. Our preferred PHP programming framework is CakePHP.

Front-end web programming
We write standards compliant HTML and CSS. We've been coding a lot of JavaScript lately and utilizing libraries such as jQuery, etc. Because JavaScript frameworks are finally starting to look promising, we've been experimenting with both the Backbone and JavsScriptMVC frameworks. (So far, when it comes to JavaScript frameworks, we're feeling the most love for Backbone.)

Want to Talk to Us?

Hiring a programming firm can be stressful, but it doesn't have to be. We're pleasant, low-pressure kinds of people. Send us an email or give us a call, and we'll talk about your project and help you determine whether we might be able to work together in a harmonious and successful kind of way.
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